The Keyhope Centre

Keyhope Centre
support for pre- & post-abortion, miscarriage and stillbirth

Young woman feeling alone

At the Keyhope Centre we offer the following free services in a friendly and caring environment:

  • Free pregnancy testing by arrangement
  • Information
  • Time to talk over you situation with a trained counsellor
  • Positive emotional support (through pregnancy) provided through our trained volunteers
  • Free baby clothes and equipment when needed
  • Pre-abortion counselling
  • Post-abortion counselling and support
  • Support following miscarriage or stillbirth

Family Help

You may have a partner, a family member or a friend who is pregnant who needs help or advice.

We welcome enquiries from men as well as women because we recognise that men can also be deeply affected by these issues.

Comments from people helped by the Keyhope Centre

Keyhope helped me to be a stronger person. I was able to see things in a much healthier way. This in turn has helped me to move on in my life.

Post-abortion client

An excellent service that more people should know about.

A couple in unplanned pregnancy

Help is available at the Keyhope Centre, Swansea…

Your Unplanned Pregnancy Choices

For many people pregnancy is a positive life event… but sometimes finding out that you are pregnant can be confusing and worrying. It is easy to panic but help is available.

At Keyhope we offer free pregnancy testing by arrangement and time to talk through your situation with one of our trained counsellors.

You will be offered relevant information so that you can weigh up your options and take time to make an informed choice.

Problems Following a Termination

Few women readily choose to have an abortion. If you have had an abortion recently or sometime in the past and are finding it hard to come to terms with unresolved feelings and issues we offer help.

At Keyhope we offer confidential counselling to anyone who has had an abortion and is finding that it is still affecting their life.

You will be able to tell your story in a safe place and gradually work through your feelings.

Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Baby-loss

Keyhope offers help and support to women who are experiencing difficulties following miscarriage or stillbirth.

We can give time and space in a calm and peaceful environment to share your feelings, thoughts and emotions.